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Diamond Buyers in Albuquerque with GIA Certified Staff

"National Jewelry Buyers is one of the few specialized gold and diamond buyers in Albuquerque, where your diamonds will be graded and appraised by an expert."--Wallstreet Journal MarketWatch (Press Release 01/24/2012)

Diamond Jewelry in Gold

Bring in your diamond jewelry for a free evaluation and immediate cash offer.  We promise you our best, straightforward offer with no stressful negotiations.

If available, bring along any paperwork you might have on the diamond (lab certificate, appraisal, etc.).

For the best place to sell your diamond in Albuquerque New Mexico, come visit us at National Jewelry Buyers!

As members of GIA and Rapnet, the world's largest diamond networks, we are THE place in Albuquerque to sell your diamonds for top dollar.

Buying or Selling a Diamond in Albuquerque: Expert Reveals the Facts

​A diamond is a girl’s best friend—until she decides to sell it. Those may be your feelings after visiting a local jeweler with high hopes of selling your precious rocks.


“Most people buy their diamond jewelry from big retailers, whose markups can range from three to ten times,” explains Romie Salem, owner of National Jewelry Buyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “You effectively lose 65% to 90% of your investment the minute you leave the store!”​


“The well-known promotion ‘diamonds are forever’ makes perfect sense to me,” says Salem in disappointment. “Unless you purchased it right to start with, you are basically stuck with the diamond forever unless you accept a big financial loss.”


Salem reassures us that the news is not all bad and there are exceptions. “A larger diamond [over one-carat] with a GIA laboratory certificate can be a good investment, assuming it was purchased at a fair wholesale price. The secondhand market for large, high quality stones is strong. Paying RETAIL for anything, however, will rarely be a good investment.”


Unfortunately, few people buy their jewelry wholesale, and even fewer have large diamonds that fetch the big bucks. “Consumers with these small, average-quality stones really take a hit in the secondhand market,” explains Salem in frustration. “India and China have flooded the market with small and low-end diamonds. These smaller diamonds (under 1/3 carat) can wholesale for as little as $50 to $100 per carat. It’s really quite shocking—especially with big retailers charging ten times that much.”

National Jewelry Buyers staff members share the following advice:

BUYING: Avoid buying expensive diamonds from big-name retailers. They have very high overheads, so they need the high markups to cover their costs. Instead, shop online at one of the many diamond resellers and compare apples to apples.  Most importantly, be sure your diamond comes with a GIA certificate (not some other generic certificate).

SELLING: Avoid pawn shops, mail-in centers, generic gold buyers, and traveling hotel buyers. Try selling your diamond to family, friends, or on eBay (though you must be vigilant).  If not, visit a specialized diamond buyer that is part of a reputable trade network and can offer a fair wholesale price. National Jewelry Buyers is one of the few qualified diamond buyers in New Mexico that is a member of Rapnet & GIA, the largest diamond networks in the world.

​“The one thing to keep in mind when buying diamond jewelry is this,” Salem concludes, “You’re not making an investment. You are buying something that should make you or your partner feel good, whether symbolically, romantically, or just for fun. And that’s ok too!”

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